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About Our Team

About Our Team

Call anytime to speak with a counselor who can also connect you with other confidential resources.

About Our Response Team

There are a number of qualified individuals who work at the university in response to incidents of sexual harassment (in all its forms). You may work with one or more of the individuals listed below should you choose to use the services on campus. If we can support you in any way, please don't hesitate to reach out to a member of our team. For clarity we have indicated confidential or designated reporter for each person.

Drew Terhune, Confidential Employee, Coordinator, Care and Advocacy Program
Drew Terhune, Confidential Employee

Director, Care and Advocacy Program

Phone: 541-346-1206

Location: 185 Oregon Hall

Profile photo of hannah white
hannah white, Confidential Employee

Assistant Director, Care and Advocacy Program

Phone: 541-346-6796

Location: 185 Oregon Hall

Profile photo of Samm Martin
Samm Martin, Confidential Employee

Coordinator, Care and Advocacy Program

Phone: 541-346-6758

Location: 185 Oregon Hall

Additional University Support and Response Staff

University Counseling Services

Staff members at Counseling Services are confidential employees. Counseling Services staff can support student mental health and connect students to other campus and community services.

Medical Team—University Health Services

Rebecca Hagerwaite, RN, MSN, Confidential Employee
Family Nurse Practitioner

Colleen Jones, RN, MSN, Confidential Employee
Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

University Police Department

Det. Tom Harrison, Designated Reporter
Detective Sergeant
University of Oregon Police Department

Office of the President—Division of Student Life

Nicole Commissiong, Designated Reporter
Associate Vice President, Chief Civil Rights Officer, and Title IX Coordinator
P: 541-346-3123

Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance

Vanessa Crakes, Designated Reporter
Manager of Investigations

Intercollegiate Athletics

Valerie Johnson, Designated Reporter
Deputy Athletic Director and Senior Women's Administrator
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics

Ombuds Office

Brett Harris, Confidential Employee
University Ombudsperson