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I Don't Know Where to Start

If you are (or someone you are with is) in immediate danger or feel unsafe, call 9‑1‑1.

It is completely normal for a student to need help or not know whether or not they would like to report an incident of sexual harassment, including sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, gender-based harassment or bullying, and stalking. It is also every student's right not to report an incident to the university or law enforcement if they do not want the incident to be investigated. Students are NOT required to provide additional information about the incident or participate in a university investigation in order to receive services. Our goal is to provide all students with information on reporting options so they can make an informed decision.

Confidential Resources


For information about reporting options visit the website for the Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance.

Callisto Record

Callisto is a third-party service that provides an option for students to disclose and record experiences of sex- or gender-based discrimination, harassment, or violence, including stalking, bullying, dating, and domestic violence. You can record securely and privately what happened to you, and document the experience in a way that can help preserve important information if you later decide to make an official report.

Callisto offers three choices:

  1. Record. You can create secure, encrypted, and time-stamped records about the sexual assault—on your own terms, at a time, place, and pace that is best for you.
  2. Report. You can electronically send the record you’ve created to the UO. This provides us with a detailed account of what happened, before you even meet with us.
  3. Match. You can help schools identify repeat offenders using Callisto’s optional matching function. Information about the perpetrator will only be released to the school if another student names the same perpetrator.

Access UO Callisto